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Our storefront sits at the “Top of the Hill” in Frankenmuth, MI, a little off the beaten path, but well worth the walk.

We have taken an older home and transformed it into a bustling little storefront complete with a licensed kitchen where we can create our most delicious popcorn, baked goods, house-made pretzels and light snacks. It has an old-time general store feel to it and has a friendly, cozy vibe.

When walking in, you can expect to be greeted with a variety of delicious smells all mingling together. Housed inside we have a little café that serves coffee, Nitro Cold Brew, and locally brewed root beer.

The pretzels we serve are delicious and unique to us. They are in the shape of a twisted wreath, pillowy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, served with a cold draft beer and beer cheese. We hand roll them out of the Nightingale Flour which is milled by Star of the West Milling Company, located right in our backyard! It’s actually part of the experience as you cannot miss the fully functioning mill and the very tall silos.

Did I mention a cold draft beer? Yes, we have craft draft available along with a German beer selection, and a local hard cider on tap. The “Pint and a Pretzel” is always on special at Kernel Benny’s. Enjoy them in our outdoor Biergarten. During the summer months we offer live entertainment in the Garten on Thursday evenings and occasionally on the weekends.

Grab an ice cream while you are there. Order it by the cup and cone or try one of our signature Scotcheroo Sundaes. Have a root beer float in a frosty mug complete with whip and a cherry.

Our old-fashioned milkshakes are by far one of our most popular treats! We boast a pretty large flavor selection and ….. we can put BOOZE IN THEM! They are simply delightful, and you will want to experience them.

Our popcorn wall always boasts our Legendary Kettle Corn, it is the reason anything else exists. You will be able to select from typically 15 to 20 dessert flavors and Kettle Series popcorn. We are very proud of our popcorn and feel what sets us apart is our ability to eliminate as many unhealthy ingredients as possible and still achieve a superior product that tastes great.

We welcome you to Kernel Benny’s Popcorn. It’s worth the walk to the top! There will be a complimentary snack bag of Kettle Corn in the warmer for you.

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