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Popping with Purpose

Tragedy to Triumph

Our Story

Kernel Benny’s Popcorn is a bit of a tragedy to triumph story beginning when our lives were changed forever from the result of an automobile accident. Ben (The Kernel) was only seven years old. The accident claimed the life of his brother, Joshua who was 16.

Rehabilitation was long and the normal course for Ben to be able to function within the confines of a traditional school day became difficult by the time he was ready for high school. It was this struggle that changed the trajectory for Ben. Instead of focusing on classes and busy work, we created a business. This would allow Ben to experience the everyday encounters of life as well as provide structure, purpose, a social circle, and employment. Perhaps most importantly, “self-worth.”

We started with one Kettle Corn concession at the local Farmers Market in 2015. Fast-forward to 2019 and we added another concession and currently operate two fully licensed concessions. We are busy throughout the season with two local racetracks, festivals, concerts, and numerous community events.

Also, in the spring of 2019 we opened the storefront located at 321 S. Main Street, Frankenmuth MI. We now create and sell nearly 40 different flavors of popcorn. We have a small café within the store and sell coffees, ice cream, hand-rolled pretzels and a variety of baked goods.

Currently, we are working on our Kettle Series popcorn which is a savory type of popcorn that is made in the big fiery kettle of the concession and then tossed in various spices that are free from preservatives and chemicals. The ultimate goal with this endeavor is to create something that will be able to distribute.

As one may imagine, there is more to the story. If you would like to hear the full story with all of the struggles and triumphs, click on the Podcast from, The Big Impact with, Bill Hobson.

Click here to listen to the podcast
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