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Popcorn with Purpose

We pride ourselves in creating a delicious and quality popcorn that will leave you wishing for more. Our popcorn starts with a premium Non-GMO seed and is hand crafted in small batches using the purest form of ingredients to achieve our ever-expanding flavor profile.

Starting from simple beginnings in our basement as part of a high school curriculum and expanding to our ever-popular kettle corn concession and now to our nostalgic store front in Frankenmouth, Michigan.

  • Handcrafted in Small Batches
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Proudly Made In Michigan


From tragedy to triumph

A life-changing injury In 2003, Ben Robertson’s life was forever changed when he and his brother Joshua Agius, 16, were involved in an automobile crash. “They were T-boned, and both of the boys had a head injury,” their mother Barb Robertson recalled. Ben Robertson survived. His brother died as a result of his injuries. By the time Ben Robertson was a teenager, school had become increasingly difficult for him and Barb Robertson decided to create a new opportunity for her son. That new opportunity came in the form of a small business called The Cookie Rookie, offering custom sugar cookies for special events and later, specialty popcorn varieties. Eventually, the business grew to include Kernel Benny’s kettle corn.  

Barb Robertson started the business with the motivation to create a future for her son, not wealth. Her son Ben is known as “Frankenmuth’s popcorn guy.” He’s the guy that stirs the kettle, he is the “Kernel” in Kernel Benny’s Popcorn! You can find Ben at local events around Frankenmouth stirring that pot, making his famous fresh kettle corn. Barb Robertson said the business has helped Ben Robertson in countless ways, teaching him practical skills, such as customer service, time, and money management. Perhaps most importantly, “It gives him self worth.” “It gives him a purpose, a real purpose,” she said.  Ben Robertson has a message for his supporters. “I appreciate them — all my customers”.

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